antivir setup

  • wget
  • tar xzf antivir_workstation-pers.tar.gz
  • ~/antivir-workstation-pers-3.0.5-12$ sudo ./install
    Starting AVIRA AntiVir Workstation (UNIX) 3.0.5-12 installation...
    Do you agree to the license terms? [n] y
    2) Configuring updates
    An internet updater is available with version 3.0.5-12 of
    AVIRA AntiVir Workstation (UNIX). It will ensure that you always have the latest
    virus signatures and engine updates.
    In order to trigger an update you will need to run the command:
         /usr/lib/AntiVir/avupdate --product=Guard
    Please read the README file for more information about updating and
    which method best suits you.
    Would you like to create a link in /usr/sbin for avupdate ? [y]
    linking /usr/sbin/avupdate to /usr/lib/AntiVir/avupdate ... done
    Would you like to setup Engine and Signature updates as cron task ? [y]
    Please specify the interval to check.
    Recommended values are daily or 2 hours.
    available options: d [2]
    creating Engine/Signature update cronjob ... done
    Would you like to check for Guard updates once a week ? [n] y
    creating Guard update cronjob ... done
    setup internet updater complete
    No Dazukofs module found on your system.
    DazukoFS is a stackable filesystem driver developed independently
    by the Dazuko project (
    Which means codechanges, bugfixes and roadmap of this driver is completely
    done by the Dazuko project and their community.
    For your convenience you can start the DazukoFS installation from here.
    Would you like to install dazukofs now ? [y] n
    /home/quarantine, the AVIRA Guard default quarantine directory,
    does not exist.
    INFO: You can change the quarantine directory in /etc/avira/avguard.conf.
          and /etc/avira/avscan.conf after the installation.
    Would you like to create /home/quarantine ? [y]
    creating /home/quarantine ... done
    Would you like to install the AVIRA Guard GNOME plugin ? [n]
    linking /usr/bin/avscan to /usr/lib/AntiVir/avscan ... done
    linking /usr/bin/scan to /usr/lib/AntiVir/avscan ... done
    Would you like to create a link in /usr/sbin for avguard ? [y]
    linking /usr/sbin/avguard to /usr/lib/AntiVir/avguard ... done
    Please specify if boot scripts should be set up.
    Set up boot scripts [y]:
    setting up boot script ... done
    installation of AVIRA Guard complete
    4) activate SMC support
    If you are going to use AVIRA Security Management Center (SMC)
    to manage this software remotely you need this
    Would you like to activate SMC support? [y] n
    Installation of the following features complete:
         AntiVir Core Components (Engine, Savapi and Avupdate)
         AVIRA Internet Updater
         AVIRA Guard
    Configuration files:
            /etc/avira/avguard.conf              (AVIRA Guard main config)
            /etc/avira/avscan.conf               (AVIRA Guard avscan config)
            /etc/avira/avguard-scanner.conf      (AVIRA Guard scanner config)
            /etc/avira/avupdate.conf             (AVIRA Avupdate options)
    Note: It is highly recommended that you perform an update now to
          ensure up-to-date protection. This can be done by running:
          /usr/lib/AntiVir/avupdate --product=Guard
    Be sure to read the README file for additional information.
    Thank you for your interest in AVIRA AntiVir Workstation (UNIX).


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