• arch:Rng-tools

    rngd allows the use of faster entropy sources, mainly hardware random number generators (TRNG), present in modern hardware like recent AMD/Intel processors, Via Nano or even Raspberry Pi.

  • arch:Haveged

    you should try to use them with the rng-tools first and if it turns out not to be enough (or if you do not have a hardware random number generator available), then use Haveged.

    • arch:Linux_Containers#Container_creation

      Tip: Users may optionally install haveged and start haveged.service to avoid a perceived hang during the setup process while waiting for system entropy to be seeded. Without it, the generation of private/GPG keys can add a lengthy wait to the process.


Arch Linux

  • Xfce 4.12下でテスト
  • keepass (any) Mono上で動作させている
  • aur:keepassx-http Dependenciesには無いが、qjsonが必要
    • github:Ivan0xFF/keepassx Fork of KeePassX with keepasshttp support for use with PassIFox for Mozilla Firefox and chromeIPass for Google Chrome.
    • システムトレイアイコンが正常に動作する
    • KeePassHttpの設定で、「Always allow access to entries」にチェックを入れると、以下のプロンプトをスキップできる

      • KeePassのKeePassHttpプラグインにもこのオプションはあるが、keepassx-httpとは異なりOffの場合でもプロンプトが出ない
      • 再起動すると設定が揮発する模様


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