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  • Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal
    • mitty@ubuntu-vpn:~$ uname -a
      Linux ubuntu-vpn 2.6.38-8-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 11 03:31:24 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
  1. mitty@ubuntu-vpn:~$ sudo aptitude install -R build-essential libssl-dev libreadline-dev libncurses-dev
    Note: selecting "libncurses5-dev" instead of the
          virtual package "libncurses-dev"
    The following NEW packages will be installed:
      binutils{a} build-essential cpp{a} cpp-4.5{a} dpkg-dev{a} g++{a}
      g++-4.5{a} gcc{a} gcc-4.5{a} libc-dev-bin{a} libc6-dev{a}
      libcloog-ppl0{a} libdpkg-perl{a} libelfg0{a} libgmp3c2{a}
      libgmpxx4ldbl{a} libgomp1{a} libmpc2{a} libmpfr4{a} libncurses5-dev
      libppl-c2{a} libppl7{a} libreadline-dev libreadline6-dev{a} libssl-dev
      libstdc++6-4.5-dev{a} linux-libc-dev{a} make{a} patch{a} zlib1g-dev{a}
    The following packages are RECOMMENDED but will NOT be installed:
      fakeroot libalgorithm-merge-perl manpages-dev
    0 packages upgraded, 30 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
  2. mitty@ubuntu-vpn:~$ wget ''
  3. mitty@ubuntu-vpn:~$ tar xzf utvpn-src-unix-v101-7101-public-2010.06.27.tar.gz
  4. mitty@ubuntu-vpn:~/utvpn-unix-v101-7101-public$ ./configure --help
    Please select your Operating System below:
     1: Linux
     2: FreeBSD
     3: Solaris
     4: Mac OS X
    Which is your operating system (1-4):
    Please select your CPU Bits below:
     1: 32-bit
     2: 64-bit
    Which is the bits of your CPU (1-2):
    Makefile is generated. Please execute 'make' to build UT-VPN.
  5. mitty@ubuntu-vpn:~/utvpn-unix-v101-7101-public$ make
  6. mitty@ubuntu-vpn:~/utvpn-unix-v101-7101-public$ sudo make install
    cp output/utvpnserver/hamcore.utvpn /usr/utvpnserver/hamcore.utvpn
    cp output/utvpnserver/utvpnserver /usr/utvpnserver/utvpnserver
    echo "#!/bin/sh" > /usr/bin/utvpnserver
    echo /usr/utvpnserver/utvpnserver '"$@"' >> /usr/bin/utvpnserver
    echo 'exit $?' >> /usr/bin/utvpnserver
    chmod 755 /usr/bin/utvpnserver
    cp output/utvpnclient/hamcore.utvpn /usr/utvpnclient/hamcore.utvpn
    cp output/utvpnclient/utvpnclient /usr/utvpnclient/utvpnclient
    echo "#!/bin/sh" > /usr/bin/utvpnclient
    echo /usr/utvpnclient/utvpnclient '"$@"' >> /usr/bin/utvpnclient
    echo 'exit $?' >> /usr/bin/utvpnclient
    chmod 755 /usr/bin/utvpnclient
    cp output/utvpncmd/hamcore.utvpn /usr/utvpncmd/hamcore.utvpn
    cp output/utvpncmd/utvpncmd /usr/utvpncmd/utvpncmd
    echo "#!/bin/sh" > /usr/bin/utvpncmd
    echo /usr/utvpncmd/utvpncmd '"$@"' >> /usr/bin/utvpncmd
    echo 'exit $?' >> /usr/bin/utvpncmd
    chmod 755 /usr/bin/utvpncmd
    Installation completed successfully.
    Please execute 'utvpnserver start' to run UT-VPN Server Background Service.
    Or please execute 'utvpnclient start' to run UT-VPN Client Background Service.
    And please execute 'utvpncmd' to run UT-VPN Command-Line Utility to configure UT-Server or UT-VPN Client.


  • 先にutvpnserverを起動しておく
    • mitty@ubuntu-vpn:~$ sudo utvpnserver start
      SoftEther UT-VPN Server Service Started.
  • 接続先設定
    • 初回接続時にパスワードを設定するか質問される
  • サーバ管理画面

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