• cannot connect hypervisor
    Unable to open connection to hypervisor URI 'xen:///':
    unable to connect to 'localhost:8000': Connection refused
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/usr/share/virt-manager/virtManager/", line 971, in _try_open
        None], flags)
      File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/", line 111, in openAuth
        if ret is None:raise libvirtError('virConnectOpenAuth() failed')
    libvirtError: unable to connect to 'localhost:8000': Connection refused
    • (XenPPC) virt-manager/virsh connection errors - fixed


      Unable to open connection to hypervisor URI 'xen':


      virsh: error: failed to connect to the hypervisor

      After debugging a bit the problem looks pretty trivial - libvirt tries to access


      The default config of xend as it is currently in the repostitory seems to have the config in /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp default to no and commented out:

       #(xend-unix-server no)

      change this to

       (xend-unix-server yes)
      • (xend-unix-path /var/lib/xend/xend-socket) のコメントアウトも必要
    • (xend-http-server yes) だけでも良い模様
      • Dom-0のstatusが見られるようになる

*Strange keyboard layouts in virt-manager @ rusty_angel's Temptation of Saint Aqualung

  1. remove Graphics device represented by VNC server
  2. add a new one, but set keymap to «en-us» instead of leaving it “same as host”.
  3. restart you guest


  • $ sudo aptitude install -R virt-manager
  • Ubuntu 12.04ではgnome-icon-themeもインストールしないとvirt-managerのUI上にアイコンが表示されない

use virt-manager with Windows

  • need X Window System for Windows and X11forwarding
  1. use Cygwin-X
  2. X11forwarding with PuTTY
  3. type virt-manager

connecting local VMM

  1. virt-manager main window
  2. File > Add Connection...
  3. press [Connect]
  4. connected to localhost
  5. only double click to connect

create new VM

  • Press [New] icon
  1. 1/5 set VM name and install source
  2. 2/5 set OS type
  3. 3/5 set Memory and CPUs
  4. 4/5 set Storage
  5. 5/5 summary
    • Advanced options(Network device, MAC address, etc)

use version 0.9.1 on Debian 6.0

  • wheezyリポジトリを使えるようにする => Linux/Debian
  • GNOME等が導入済みの場合、依存関係を壊さずに導入する方法は今のところ不明
  • qemu等が未導入の場合
    • mitty@squeeze:~$ sudo aptitude install -t wheezy qemu-kvm libvirt-bin virt-manager udev
    • udevは依存関係から指定する
      The following packages have unmet dependencies:
        udev: Depends: libudev0 (= 164-3) but 175-3.1 is to be installed.
  • squeezeリポジトリから既に導入済みの場合
    • 「The following packages have unmet dependencies:」といわれるパッケージを追加する
    • mitty@squeeze:~$ sudo aptitude install -t wheezy qemu-kvm libvirt-bin virt-manager python-gnome2 python-pyorbit libgail18 python-numpy python-pycurl seabios librsvg2-common python-gtk-vnc python-glade2 python-vte python-cairo python-dbus python-gobject python-libvirt python-gtk2 python-gconf python-libxml2 seabios qemu


  • mitty@squeeze:~$ virt-manager
    /usr/share/virt-manager/ DeprecationWarning: Importing dbus.glib to use the GLib main loop with dbus-python is deprecated.
    Instead, use this sequence:
        from dbus.mainloop.glib import DBusGMainLoop
      import dbus.glib
    • => Fedora Hosted Git Repositories - virt-manager.git/commitdiff
      • src/

        index 464cf02..18f407e 100755 (executable)
        a b def main(): 
        302302    gobject.threads_init() 
        304304    import dbus 
        305     import dbus.glib 
        306     dbus.glib.threads_init() 
         305    import dbus.mainloop.glib 
         306    dbus.mainloop.glib.DBusGMainLoop(set_as_default=True) 
         307    dbus.mainloop.glib.threads_init() 
        307308    import dbus.service 
        309310    # Specifically init config/gconf before the fork, so that pam 
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