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    Cheatcodes are used to pass options to KNOPPIX to help with getting it working on difficult hardware. In the initial boot phase you'll see the Knoppix emblem with the little penguin and the commandline at the bottom of the screen. Type your cheatcodes after "boot: " in the commandline and press [Enter]. With [F2] and/or [F3] you can see some of the most usefull cheatcodes. The format is "kernel option option option ...". Usually "knoppix" is the right selection for the "kernel". You can type more than one cheatcode before pressing enter. Also note that some options can take on values. Example:

     boot: knoppix nosound no3d mem=512 tz=America/Toronto
  • KNOPPIX_cheatcode CheatCode(チートコード)の設定
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